Linus is a main character in series 1 of Jordskott. He is portrayed by actor Yohio.


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YOHIO plays the role of Linus. An agonizing conflict with his dad has made it that so in the end he could not stay at home anymore. Now he lives in the student hostel but with his sullen mood has made himself impossible among the other students. So Linus keeps mostly to his room and the only one he feels calm and safe around is Esmeralda (played by Happy Jankell). Source: SVT.

Plot Edit

Linus was questioned by Thomas Leander of Esmeralda's whereabouts. With a combination of his strong dislike of cops and Esmeralda's well-being, Linus remain mostly silent during the interrogation. After Thomas left, the teen warned Esmeralda via text.


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His character in the series feels that the whole world has gone mad. He despises all fake fawning adults who say one thing but do another. He has difficulty with authority, adults in general and police in particular.

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'I don't know where Esmeralda is'


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Series 1:

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