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Filmed in Sala and Ragunda in the summer of 2014, Jordskott series 1 originally premiered in Sweden on national public TV broadcaster, Sveriges Television (SVT) 16 February 2015. On 12 March 2015, ITV announced that it had picked the series up for re-broadcast on ITV Encore in the UK beginning 10 June 2015.


7 years after the mystical disappearance of her daughter Josefin, police investigator Eva Thörnblad is still trying to cope with the sorrows after her loss. Emotionally shut off and avoiding all relations, she has devoted herself to work as a police to save and protect the most innocent of them all. Children.

Even though Josefin was said to have drowned, Eva just can’t let go of the feeling that someone took her daughter that fatal day by the Silverhöjd lake. So when a young boy goes missing in the same forest, Eva decides to return to her hometown of Silverhöjd – Officially to sell the old family company, Thörnblad Cellulose, she just inherited from her newly deceased father Johan Thörnblad.

But the real reason is to investigate the boy’s disappearance to see how it’s related to her missing daughter. But as Eva is drawn into the investigation she learns about the ancient mysteries of Silverhöjd. And she understands that there is a much deeper and darker force that she now must confront. Soon Eva is facing the hardest question of all: is she willing to sacrifice someone else’s child in order to save her own?