Silverhöjd is the fictional community in Jordskott where much of the series takes place. Eva Thörnblad is originally from Silverhöjd, and the nearby lake, forest, and caves are pivotal to the plot of the series.

Filming Location[edit | edit source]


The beautiful community of Sala, Sweden was the filming location, chosen for its surrounding primeval forest and pristine lake, as well as the authentic look and feel of the local architecture.

Promotional Site[edit | edit source]

Fictional Silverhöjd logo

ITV has created an elaborate promotional site for the fictional "Silverhöjd" community, complete with interactive map, visitor reviews (which all seem to reflect the dark nature of the series storyline), conservation issues, job opportunities, and even a recipe for "Cloudberry Pie."

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Silverhöjd[edit | edit source]

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