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Premiere: This is how good ‘Jordskott’ is

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Moa Gammel as Eva Thörnblad from the new television series Jordskott. Photo: SVT / Palladium Fiction

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Henrik Björn is the creator, lead script writer and is also responsible for the conceptual directorship. The roles are played by amongst others Moa Gammel, Göran Ragnerstam, Richard Forsgren, Ann Petrén, Peter Andersson and Johannes Brost.

I previewed the first four episodes of the series.

‘Jordskott’ is a thrilling drama that gets to you on many levels. It is also a visual television success.

The worst nightmare of any parent is to lose their child. One second the one you love is right next to you and in the next moment you realize you have lost hold of their hand. Or what would be even worse; to never find out what actually happened. It is impossible to picture how one would react to such a loss. The reaction of Eva Thörnblad is one of determination filled with risk. Moa Gammel’s interpretation makes it realistic.

However, when the lead character of ‘Jordskott’ is introduced it is with almost excessive fanfare. The introductory scene is reminiscent of one of the generalization seen in endless action flicks about the police detective with nothing to lose. Luckily this is just the first thread in the intricate web which will be spun. Following the death of her father Eva Thörnblad returns home to Silverhöjd, where she grew up, to deal with his estate. Also, a boy has vanished without a trace in a way similar to her daughter’s disappearance.

The story line of ‘Jordskott’ leads on to deal with consequences, how the domino effect of a decision can be fatal and risks haunting the family members forever. After a while the second theme of the Series becomes apparent; the love of a parent for their child and how much one is willing to do and fight for the one you love. Visually ‘Jordskott’ is on the highest international level, with a backdrop of filters as if from Instagram, coupled with realism. It is as easy to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the nature as of the spooky stillness, which transforms the forest from something beautiful to something dark and menacing.

The lead scriptwriter and director Henrik Björn puts nature to use and to tell the story as one would use an actor. In ‘Jordskott’ the forest is as important to the storyline as the other characters. Amongst these it is Gammel and Göran Ragnerstam that stand out. Ragnerstam’s acting is pared back in which every gesture has meaning. The professionalism of the duo carries the story at the times when dialog and the supernatural elements lose their balance and highlights what a parody ‘Jordskott’ could have been if not for the director, scriptwriter and a whole heap of self confidence.

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