‘YOHIO.World’ is the first (founded 2012) and largest (over 3,000 followers) YOHIO fan-site on the World-Wide Web. It is the largest archive (dating back to 1995) on the internet of YOHIO-related newspaper and magazine articles translated to English. Together with often rare and/or high-quality photo-footage there are over 1,000 YOHIO related items and over 250,000 words in news coverage. ‘Y.W’ has been formally recommended by YOHIO himself (in 2013 and 2014) with a message “Support this page!”

Y.W’ employs the highest standards of reportage. Wherever feasible we identify original sources, photographers and journalists with ‘back-links’ to original articles (in Swedish, for example). We have many regular enthusiastic supporters, around 45% in Sweden and 55% from over 45 countries internationally. Whilst (as may be expected) around 50% of fans are under 25, we have followers in every age-category up to 65+. Consistently, around 20% of followers are male and 80% female.

‘Y.W’ is a friendly site. We encourage comments and fan-requests. As a ‘non-official’ site, we reserve the right for fans to be constructively critical. That said, we also have a ‘zero-tolerance’ approach to any form of abuse or intolerance. We monitor and read ALL comments made by fans and respond to any private messages sent to our Site Admins.

If you wish to find out more about the enigmatic and talented writer, actor, composer and musician called ‘YOHIO’ (the face behind the character Linus in Jordskott) then feel free to visit our Facebook page and ‘LIKE’ us (if you do).

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